Cong dubs PM’s directive to states on cow protectors’ dossier a ‘jumla’

New Delhi, Aug. 19 : After a man was killed for allegedly transporting cows, the Congress Party on Friday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's direction to the states to prepare a dossier on cow protectors as "jumla" (empty promise).

Praveen Poojray, 29, was killed by "rightwing" cow vigilantes in Udupi district of Karnataka on Thursday.

Congress leader Meem Afzal said one should asses the gravity of the situation when a person was killed after the Prime Minister's condemnation.

"The issue is very serious. If this is happening after the Prime Minister's statement, it clearly indicates that the dossier, which was supposed to be made, is false; that was just a 'jumla'.

Till now, none of the states has prepared the dossier and neither the central government is asking for it," he said.

Poojray and another man Akshay Devadiga received fatal injuries after more than 18 people surrounded their vehicle carrying cattle and attacked them with "sharp-edged" weapons.

While Poojray succumbed to his injuries, Devadia is being treated at a hospital. Eighteen people have so far been arrested in this connection. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Modi had strongly condemned "pseudo cow protectors", saying most of them were "anti-social elements".

The Prime Minister asked the state governments to prepare a dossier on cow proctors, while stressing that "80 percent of them would be found involved in illegal activities".

The Centre had asked the states and union territories not to tolerate any attacks on individuals in the name of cow vigilantism.

The Union Home Ministry has also asked the states to ensure that any person, who takes the law into his hands, is dealt with promptly and strictly.

Source: ANI