Congress: Rahul Gandhi’s use of Congress symbol was not objectionable

Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh), [India], Jan. 14 : Senior Congress leader P. L. Punia on Saturday, expressing his views on Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) complaint against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for hurting religious sentiments, said that Rahul Gandhi's use of the Congress symbol was not offensive in any manner as it was not against any religion.

There is nothing objectionable to it, they said. "What Rahul Gandhi said regarding the Congress symbol was not offensive. He didn't ask for votes on the basis of any religion. He talked about all religions. I think everybody should imitate that. There are many people who talk against one single religion, which should be seen as derogatory. He (Rahul Gandhi) showed respect to each and every religion," said Punia. He added that the BJP has not been able to live up to its promises made during the 2014 election. The BJP on Friday had filed a complaint with the poll panel against Rahul for hurting religious sentiments, by co-relating the hand symbol of the Congress with religious gods such as Lord Shiva, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Islam and Mahavir.

In the complaint to the Chief Electoral Officer, the BJP alleged that Rahul, during a Jan Vedna Sammelan convention, held in Delhi, violated the provisions of Representation of Peoples Act, 1951, Model Code of Conduct and guidelines issued by the Supreme Court.

Source: ANI