Congress steers clear of row over Sandeep Dikshit’s Army Chief remark

New Delhi [India], June 12 : The Congress on Monday sidelined itself from the controversial statement made by party leader Sandeep Dikshit on Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, saying that the party does not support such language at all.

"I don't know why he used such language. We have discussed this issue with him, but the party doesn't support this for sure," Congress leader Meem Afzal told ANI.

Afzal further stressed that the Congress has been given instructions to not use absurd language for another person, adding that it is unfortunate that Dikshit used such language.

Meanwhile, Dikshit on Sunday withdrew his controversial statement made on General Rawat and tendered an apology for the same.

"I genuinely believe what I said was wrong. So I apologize for it and withdraw my statement," he said. Dikshit had earlier in the day stirred a controversy when he asserted that the General Rawat shouldn't make statements like a 'sadak ka gunda' (a road-side goon).

He said, "It feels our Army chief speaks like a roadside thug. While this is expected from Pakistan who are like the mafia, why does our own chief make such pronouncements?" Dikshit's comment drew flak from all the quarters.

In an interaction with ANI, General Rawat had earlier said that the Indian Army is well prepared to face external as well as internal threats of the country.

"Indian Army is fully ready for a two and a half front war", General Rawat had said..

Source: ANI