Congress using words like ‘dalali’ as it has been involved in scams since 1948: BJP

New Delhi [India], Oct. 7 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday lashed out at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "dalal" of the blood of Indian soldiers, and accused the opposition party of being involved in 'corruption scams' since 1948, and that is why they are speaking words like 'dalali'.

BJP leader Nalin Kohli told ANI that it is unfortunate, intemperate, totally condemnable to somehow attack such an operation in national interest, which is an operation against terrorism to make India and Indians more secure and safer.

"Our brave soldiers, who are willing to lay down their lives in national interest, these are fearless soldiers and why are they raising doubts on them? Do they not have faith on our soldiers? Do they not believe the soldiers? Why is the Congress party all the time asking for evidence and using this kind of word 'Dalali' as if there is some kind of a transaction?" Kohli said.

"The Congress party has been involved in so many scams from 1948 to right up to this time that's why they are speaking words like Dalali," he added.

Kohli further said that our soldiers fight with commitment and not because of any monetary consideration.

Concluding his 'Kisan Yatra' at Jantar Mantar here, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of exploiting the death of soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

Addressing hundreds of supporters at the gathering, Gandhi called upon the prime minister to work for the development of people, especially farmers and army-men.

"The soldiers who spilt their blood for the country and carried out surgical strikes, you are hiding behind them and trying to cash in on their blood.

They have done their work now you do yours. Help the farmers; give the army a hike in the seventh pay commission, it is your responsibility and that is what you have been elected for," said Gandhi.

Gandhi further said, "You promised the farmers that they would get fair price, but that did not happen.

You told them you would apply the Swaminathan Report but that also did not happen. You promised to provide jobs to two crore youths but neither did that happen. You did not properly implement 'Make in India' either." During his 26-day long 'Kisan Yatra', Gandhi logged about 3,500 kilometres and traversed 48 districts and 141 assembly segments in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh with an attempt to woo voters ahead of the upcoming assembly polls scheduled next year.

Source: ANI