Coronavirus cases in Haryana rise to six

Gurugram, March 21 : The number of positive coronavirus cases in Haryana has risen to six with two more persons -- one each from Faridabad and Panipat testing positive for the virus.

A 21-year-old youth in Panipat who returned from the UK has tested positive for the novel coronavirus while in Faridabad, a 52-year-old-man who came back from Spain was also found positive.

Besides, four other persons were tested positive in Gurugram. All of them returned to India after travelling abroad.

The Health Department said that as a precautionary measure, the relatives of those found positive for the virus are being kept in isolation.

So far, 64 people have been admitted to different hospitals in Haryana. Thirty-two people have already been discharged from hospitals after they recovered.

In Haryana, 6,076 people have been placed on surveillance. A large number of people have been advised to remain isolated at home.

According to the Haryana government, 6,012 persons are at homes in a state of isolation.

So far, samples of a total of 156 people have been sent for examination. Out of the samples sent for investigation, 87 samples have been found to be negative, six persons have been found to be suffering from corona, while the investigation report of 65 persons is yet to come.

In Gurugram, all gyms, swimming pools, night clubs have been shut down. Besides, the state government has also prohibited the gathering of more than five persons at one place.

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said that cinema halls, schools, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs will be closed in the state till March 31.

Also, a gathering of more than 20 people has been banned in social, political, cultural, educational, sports competitions and family events.

Section 144 has been implemented in the entire state -- no more than 20 people can gather in any public place.

Under Section 144 imposed in Gurgaon and Faridabad, only 5 persons can gather at one place in each turn.

If more people gather at a public place police action can be taken against them.

A 22-year-old girl who returned from London on March 14, has complained of sore throat and cough.

On March 16, her samples were taken for examination at the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon. Later, she was found to be suffering from coronavirus.

Besides, a 42-year-old man who returned from London on March 7 man was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi tow days later.

It was later confirmed that he was suffering from the coronavirus and eight other persons had also come in contact with him.

Vij has appealed to the people not to shake hands and greet people by joining hands, "don't bring disease like corona home".

"Save yourself and family," he said.



Source: IANS