Country will be literate when it is free of “Litterati”, says Naidu

New Delhi [India], Sept.29 : Urban Development Minister M.Venkaiah Naidu today said the country will become literate in true sense when it is free of Litterati (those who throw litter in the open).

Inaugurating a two day exhibition on sanitation technologies here, Naidu expressed concern over the literate and the illiterate behaving in an irresponsible manner by throwing litter in the open and being unmindful of cleanliness in public spaces.

He stressed on the need for behavioral changes and individual and community actions to ensure Swachh Bharat.

The minister stated that with growing people's participation, Swachh Bharat Mission goal will be achieved.

The exhibition is organized ahead of the INDOSAN Conference to be held here tomorrow for the benefit of the public and the large number of delegates attending the conference.

Different kinds of tools, equipment and technologies related to various aspects of sanitation chain including toilets of different kind, green waste reprocessors, domestic waste water treatment units, plastic recyclers, bio-converters, suction sweepers, waste collectors, underground dust bins, Construction (and) Demolition Waste recyclers, garbage vehicles etc are on display.

Source: ANI