Court ruling on 2G spectrum case

New Delhi, Dec 21 : The following are the main points flagged by Special Judge O.P. Saini as he declared all the accused in the 2G spectrum case not guilty:

-- It was a huge scam seen by everyone where there was none.

-- The CBI chargesheet was based mainly on misreading, selective reading, non-reading and out of context reading of the official record.

-- There is no evidence indicating any criminality in the acts allegedly committed by the accused persons.

-- Some people created a scam by artfully arranging a few selected facts and exaggerating things beyond recognition to astronomical levels.

-- It is clear that complete facts were not placed before the then Prime Minister by his own office, for which A.

Raja cannot be faulted.

-- Many facts recorded in the chargesheet are factually incorrect.

-- I have absolutely no hesitation in holding that prosecution has miserably failed to prove any charge against any of the accused, made in its all well choreographed chargesheet.

All the accused are acquitted.

-- The genesis of the case lies not so much in the actions of Raja..There is no material on record to show that Raja was mother lode of conspiracy in the case.

-- There is also no evidence of his (Raja's) no holds barred immersion in any wrongdoing, conspiracy or corruption.

-- Policy issues are strewn around here and there in a disorderly manner..leaving scope for controversy.

-- DoT guidelines were framed in such technical language that meaning of many terms are not clear even to DoT officers.

-- DoT officers themselves are responsible for the entire mess.



Source: IANS