Courts should work 365 days to ensure justice is not delayed: Justice Lodha

New Delhi, July 30 : Retired Chief Justice of India Rajendra Mal Lodha is off the view that the number of cases pending before the Indian courts is huge, and therefore, the judiciary should work round the year without break.

In an exclusive conversation with ETV News Head Jagdeesh Chandra, Justice Lodha said, "The number of cases pending in the courts is huge and to ensure that people get justice in time, people related to judiciary should work non-stop 365 days." Justice Lodha said that when he served as the CJI, he took several initiatives in this regard.

But several technical reasons put forward by the Bar Council of India came in the way. The former Chief Justice also called on the judges to be honest and unbiased. "The issue of appointment of judges is a tough job not only in India but in the world at large. Like India, differences between the governments of the respective countries and judicial appointment organizations are being witnessed," he said.

"Despite these differences, it is important is that who would be appointed as judge should be honest and impartial.

Executive, legislature and judiciary should make their dignity. The ex-Chief Justice further said improvement is required in the work process of police of the country.

"Judicial reform is not possible until the police won't be modernized, equipped with technology, provide proper training and their work pressure is reduced," he said.

Source: ANI