Covid-19: Maha develops 1-minute AI-driven self-test

Mumbai, April 2 : In a unique initiative, the Maharashtra government has developed a quick, one-minute Artificial Intelligence-driven self-assessment test for Covid-19 to enable people determine their current risk levels, officials said here on Thursday.

Called the 'COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Self Assessment Tool,' the test is available in three languages, Marathi, Hindi and English with quick questions that need to be ticked.

"This one-minute test can help you, your family and friends determine the risk levels, it can be done daily.

It enables anybody to identify their Covid-19 risk before it's too late, prompt them to go for medical advice as required and help arrest the outbreak," said an official.

The test, available free of cost at:, asks questions like age, gender, displays options of current body temperature, whether the person is suffering from any of the direct or other symptoms like dry cough, sneezing, sore throat, breathlessness, drowsiness, pain or pressure in the chest, weakness, etc.

Other questions pertain to travel history or coming in contact with any patients, whether suffering any illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart/kidney/lung diseases, reduced immunity, etc.

Depending on the responses, the test suggests further measures like going for medical advice and precautions to be taken.



Source: IANS