Covid: PGI-Chandigarh witnesses 100% spike in 10 days

Chandigarh, Feb 26 : With the mask down and mobility up, the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI) here has witnessed 100 per cent increase in Covid-19 patient load over past 10 days, doctors said on Friday.

There has been a surge of admitted patients from 30 to 57 over last week, making it 100 per cent increase in Covid-19 positive cases, G.D.Puri, head of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, said.

He said the pandemic is far from over.

"With mobility up, we are definitely contributing to accelerate the rise in cases."

Expressing concern over the consistent rise in the severe and moderate cases over the last few days, he said the numbers have been stable for over a month.

However, the trend has reversed recently with numbers again rising on a daily basis and there has been a surge of admitted patients.

Stressing the urgent need to guard up, Puri said, "One may say that these are only two digit numbers as of now but what is really worrying is the steady and fast increase.

"We just cannot afford to take it lightly, more so, because the newly detected mutant strain is far more transmissible."

Urging healthcare workers and other eligible people to get vaccinated at the earliest, Puri said, "The peerless and fearless frontline warriors have confronted the challenge of Covid-19 so bravely, so why this hesitancy for vaccination when it is vital for their safety considering their vulnerability due to the exposure at the job.

"Rather, they should be the role-models for society instead of falling prey to misconceptions and rumour mills regarding the efficacy, safety and side effects of the vaccine.

In fact, who knows more than the healthcare workers how deadly Covid-19 can be."



Source: IANS