Daily routine of common man inspires Honey Singh

New Delhi [India], Oct. 5 : Superstar singer Honey Singh, who had been in headlines after he opened up about the bipolar disorder he is suffering from, recently said he gets inspired by the day-to-day routine of a common man.

"In fact what very few know is that all of his popular tracks are also inspired by the lives of ordinary people," said his aide.

The spokesperson further explained that the 31-year-old crooner closely observes the common man and takes out anecdotes that he then uses in creating his music.

"Even while traveling, he analyzes several people and happenings around them, the 'Blue Eyes' hit-maker then weaves all of it in an entertaining way.

This is one of his unique ways of creating new music and lyrics and packaging it in the most quirky manner," he said.

The music producer, who also holds a record of delivering only chart busters, has a massive fan following in the country and also worldwide.

"Honey has been spending time in penning down songs that revolves around and is inspired by the daily routines of a common man in their day to day life in today's times.

He then takes out the core and pens the song down in the most entertaining way possible," the spokesperson further said.

Source: ANI