Dazzling line up of puppetry entertainment in Delhi

New Delhi, Feb 24 : The ongoing Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival here is celebrating its 16th anniversary this year and, with an exciting list of performances taking place, visitors have a lot to look out for.

Whether you are nine or 90 -- the sensational and magical shows, produced by Teamwork Arts, bring alive the sheer beauty of puppets on stage.

The festival kicked off on February 20 at India Habitat Centre here and will reach its culmination on February 27.

From the traditional to modern forms of puppetry, ranging from rod to string puppets; to mixed performances with dance, theatre, music and more -- the Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival is bigger and better this time around.

A dazzling line up of pioneering puppetry entertainment and storytelling greets the visitors to the venue everyday.

Never before seen in India, performers from Tunisia, Singapore, Thailand and Argentina are also mesmerising the audiences with their performances.

"The journey has been positive and by word of mouth, the festival has now spread over the world.

Artists from around the world are participating and we always select something different", said Dadi D.

Pudumjee, founder of The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust.

Since 2001, the Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust has supported and nurtured the annual Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival, which, from humble beginnings, has grown into the country's leading established platform for Indian and International puppetry.

Alongside the best talent India has to offer, over 150 international puppetry companies have already performed at the festival, including the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland and the US.



Source: IANS