Defence Expert lauds PM for trying to build consensus against Pak

New Delhi [India], Sept. 9 : Defence Expert Ranjeet Rai on Friday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to build a consensus against Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism and said that the Asian neighbour must be held accountable.

Highlighting Prime Minister Modi's assertion at the recently held G-20 and ASEAN Summits, Rai told ANI the former's initiative in this regard will help in combating terrorism.

"Prime Minister Modi is trying to get consensus of the whole world to say that a neighboring country of India is a sponsor of terrorism.

He made it very clear, went to G-20 meeting in Hungzhou in China and said that a nation is sponsoring terrorism and did not name Pakistan as such," Rai said.

"He has built a consensus at G-20, ASEAN and around the world that the country which is the sponsor of terrorism needs to be worked against and brought accountable," Rai added.

Stating that Prime Minister Modi and U.S. President Barack Obama have met eight times in the last two years, Rai said, "America has also come up and again told Pakistan that you must bear responsibility for what happened in Mumbai, Pathankot and the perpetrators must be punished." Speaking at the 11th East Asia Summit on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi said there is one country in India's neighbourhood whose competitive advantage rests solely in producing and exporting terrorism.

The Prime Minister said combating terrorism requires collective effort, adding it's the most serious challenge to open and pluralistic societies.

"We need to target not only the terrorists, but their entire supporting ecosystem," he added. Asserting that competing geo-politics, traditional and non-traditional challenges threaten peace, stability and prosperity of the region, he said India's expects that ASEAN will continue to lead and remain central to efforts aimed at greater regional integration and cooperation.

Source: ANI