Dehra Dun – Travel in India


Dehra Dun is an old historial town. It is a main town of Garhwal and Uttaranchal. It is also called Doon Valley. Earlier this Valley was a huge lake. But ecological changes have made the lake disappear as also the dense forest and wild animals. Historical findings show that in the times of Mahabharat these forests were used by the Pandavas when they were sent on their exile.


During the rule of the Mauryas also this region was used by King Ashoka. The Chinese Ambassador Hiuen-Tsang is also said to have visited this place.


But now this Valley is literally barren. In the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century the Doon Valley was ruled by Maharani Karnvati. The Gurkhas defeated her and ruled from 1791 to 1803. In 1814, the British defeated the Gurkhas and established themselves here.


The main attraction of this valley is that it is surrounded by the Himalayas in the North, the Shivalik Mountain Range in the South, the River Ganges in the East, and the river Yamuna on the West. Dehra Dun Valley is 1500 to 2500 feet above sea level.


Places of Interest:


Robber’s Caves:This is 8 kms from Dehra Dun. Here amidst high mountains are narrow valleys of hot and cold streams. This is a picnic spot. The mountains have many caves and hence the name. This place is also called Gachchupani.


Sahasra Dhara: Sahasra Dhara which is 14 kms from Dehra Dun, is very famous for its aromatic clear water which is said to cure many skin ailments. Many springs sprout from caves in the mountains and flow down together. The name itself means “thousand streams” . This picnic spot is equipped with small bazaars, restaurants, a Government Tourist Bungalow and a rest house.


Wadia Geological Center: 5 kms from Dehra Dun town, located on General Mahadev Singh Road many geological items are displayed here. This is the first Museum in India which houses articles from the Himalayas.


Malsi Deer Park: Situated on the Mussoorie road 4 kms away from Dehra Dun, this park is famous for its deer, monkeys, various birds.


Tapkeshwar: In this cave is a Shiv Temple. This is 5 kms away from Dehra Dun.


Bijapur Canal: Here there is a dam and also a lovely Garden where one can picnic.