Delhi govt waters down contentious liquor order after furore

New Delhi, Aug 31 : Days after uproar over its controversial liquor order with hotels terming it bizarre, the Delhi Excise Department has watered it down by removing restrictions on certain drinks for keeping them on bar counters and shifting the date for the order's implementation.

The amended order would now kick in from October 1, 2019 instead of August 31 as directed earlier.

Citing the issue of refilling of liquor bottles and adulteration at bar counters, the Delhi Excise Department had on August 26 ordered beer bars and restaurants serving liquor to destroy old stock from the counters in the prescribed time limit on "First In First Out" basis.

The time limit for various categories of liquors was three, five and eight days after which they had to be destroyed.

As per the modified order, the three-day time limit after which certain drinks were to be removed from bar counters would apply only to Champagne and sparkling wines.

The maximum time limit of eight days would now apply only to whisky and vodka sold in the price range of Rs 1,501 to Rs 4,500 for 750 ml pack size.

All other drinks such as gin, scotch and tequila have been removed from the list.

"For a different pack size the MRP (maximum retail price) shall be adjusted proportionately. The time limit at the bar counters for the same shall be eight days only," Ranjeet Singh, Deputy Commissioner in the Department of Excise, Entertainment and Luxury Tax, Delhi Government, said in his order.

Singh also clarified that the order issued on August 26 restricting the time for disposal of liquor will not apply to liquor stock lying at the designated liquor stores.

As per the initial order, in case the liquors were not destroyed within the stipulated time, the stock that remained un-exhausted or unserved would be deemed to have been consumed and needed to be removed from the bar counters.

This liquor stock would need to be destroyed within seven days after making an inventory of the same.

Non-compliance of the order would result in cancellation and suspension of liquor licence of hotel bars and restaurants, the Excise order had said.



Source: IANS