Delhi HC directs 98 private, unaided schools to refund 75 percent excess fee within 10 days

New Delhi [India], September 6 : The Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed 98 private and unaided schools to refund 75 percent excess fee and deposit it in 10 days as cash/ Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) and bank guarantee with registrar.

This order came after 535 schools last month were found guilty of arbitrarily increasing the fees as per the affidavit issued by the Department of Education.

Following that, many schools had started the refund and many still held on to the fee. Last months, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated, "The schools will not be allowed to loot students like they used to do under previous governments due to political collusion.

But if they don't implement, we will take them over as a last resort. I hope we don't have to take over.".

Source: ANI