Delhi: Hurry! This real-life Santa needs more elves to wrap all Christmas goodies

New Delhi [India], Dec. 21 : Pepping up the Christmas season spirits, an organisation in the national capital is gearing up to bring smiles on the face of those who are 'never-thanked'.

Speaking to ANI, founder of DeeFoundation, Deepanjali Rao said people confuse Christmas with charity and what the foundation is bringing to the function is some clarity.

Moving ahead with this clear idea, DeeFoundation, now six-year old, is running on the theme of 'US' this year, wherein they will be distributing gifts to people standing in bank and ATM queues besides the public servants' including policemen, auto-rickshaw drivers, rickshaw pullers, sweepers and others whom we come across everyday but never bother to thank.

Pleading the 'Dilli walas' to spare sometime and wrap these goodies at DeeFoundation, Deepanjali said that she started this foundation to teach people gratitude as a way of life.

Spreading a sense of gratitude, people from all walks of life and beyond religious lines come to Deepanjali for wrapping these gifts, which include key-chains, cookies, ear-muffs and other similar goodies.

A banker, Chanyu, who regularly visits here to wrap these gifts, said it feels good to do something for others in today's 'mean' world.

What stands out the most during the workshop is that most of the people, who turn up for wrapping gifts, have never ever seen each other, but the infectious, informal atmosphere instantly bonded them.

Not only one wraps gifts here but also gets loads of 'Santa-hugs' from the 'elves' wrapping goodies for the 'never-thanked'.

From school kids to 70 year-olds, the Santa workshop hosts people from all age groups sharing experiences and happy stories of gratitude.

Unfortunately, due to the demonetisation move by the Prime Minister, the Santa workshop has seen a drop in the number of people coming in to wrap the Christmas goodies, as people are facing a tough time managing cash-in-hand and most of their time is spent worrying about hard earned money.

So show the spirit of gratitude in you this Christmas and wrap these little gifts for 30-seconds of smile which makes the effort worthwhile.

But Santa needs more elves to spread more joy and happiness this Christmas season which is why the organisation has an open invitation to anyone who wants to join them in this beautiful endeavour.

Source: ANI