Delhi locality holds hearing on liquor shops

New Delhi, Jan 7 : Around 150 people here in a Delhi locality cast their vote to decide whether a liquor shop in their locality should continue to function.

"The polling in Tilak Nagar (area of west Delhi) was organised by the Excise Department to deal with residents' complaints about a liquor shop in the area," AAP MLA from Tilak Nagar, Jarnail Singh told IANS.

He said the results of the polling will come out in a few days.

It was followed by a public hearing on the issue of "nuisance" created by the presence of the shop.

"The beneficiaries of a policy should be involved in its decision making.

That's direct democracy. This is why this polling has been organised," said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after listening to the opinions of the residents.

He said both the owners of the shop and the victims of the nuisance created by it were at the event so no biased decision is taken.

"We will go by what all of you decide for yourselves," said Kejriwal, adding that complaints received from every locality on the issue will be considered and steps will be taken with the agreement of the residents.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia questioned why should people take up a business if that bothers their own people.

He also said that the hearing was important in context with women safety.



Source: IANS