Delhi: Snatcher stabbed constable, one arrested

New Delhi [India], Apr. 1 : A Delhi Police Constable was stabbed by three snatchers while was he searching for a missing scooty.

The incident took place on Thursday at around 3 a.m., when Constable Jitender was looking for the stolen scooty in Patel Nagar area through a secret hideout.

As soon as the scooty came there with the snatchers on it, Jitender obstructed their way by disbalacing the vehicle.

The snatchers tried their best to scare Jitender, but he was hard to resist. After the snatcher realized that they won't be able to get away with the constable, they took out a knife and stabbed him on his back.

In spite of his injury Jitender managed to caught hold on one, but two of the snatcher flee off the spot.

Soon, the reinforcement reached there and the criminal was arrested, while Jitender was immediately rushed to the hospital.

"He is badly injured. He is undergoing treatment and in presently in ICU. We are proud of such brave policeman." said a senior Police officer..

Source: ANI