Delhi to remodel 94 dispensaries with Rs 168.58 cr

New Delhi, Sep 1 : The plan to remodel 94 dispensaries into polyclinics in the national capital got administrative approval and expenditure sanction of Rs 168.58 crore from the Delhi government, an official said on Saturday.

The Delhi Cabinet in July had approved the proposal for remodelling dispensaries into polyclinics in different areas of Delhi.

In a letter, Director General of Health Services Kirti Bhushan wrote to PWD's Engineer-in-Chief Rakesh Kumar Agrawal informing that a committee will be formed to monitor the remodelling work on the regular basis, the official said.

"The government has given administrative approval and expenditure sanction of Rs 168.58 crore to remodel 94 dispensaries into polyclinics across the national capital," the official added.

The cost includes the comprehensive planning and designing for construction of new blocks, additional floors and remodelling and upgration of the existing blocks.

In the letter, Bhusan also wrote: "The project will be completed as per the approved scope of work at the sanctioned cost within the stipulated period and no cost escalation will be allowed."

"Adequate provision will be made for maintenance and upkeep for five years after completion of work," Bhushan added.

The letter also said that the status report, to be maintained by the PWD, will be submitted periodically to the planning, finance and health departments to monitor the work regularly.

The aim of the remodelling of the dispensaries was to reorganise health care facilities.

The polyclinics will be attached to various Delhi government hospitals.

The polyclinics will act as satellite centres for outdoor specialised medical treatment centres of these hospitals.

Medical superintendents of hospitals to which the polyclinics will be attached will be the overall in-charge of these polyclinics.



Source: IANS