Demonetisation will destroy BJP, warns Mumbai Congress

Mumbai, Nov 9 : The Mumbai Congress on Friday observed a 'black day' to mark the second anniversary of the November 8, 2016 demonetisation and warned that the move would destroy the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2019 elections.

Leading a large number of party activists at the protests, city chief Sanjay Nirupam listed the failures of the BJP government which had "made life miserable for the common masses".

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested the people of the country for 50 days.

He also said if his (demonetisation) decision proved wrong within that time-frame, then the people of the country could hang him publicly," Nirupam recalled.

However, he said that more than 700 days have passed and the people of India are angry and agitated now as the Prime Minister has kept quiet on the matter since then.

"They will not hang the PM physically, but finish him off politically in the upcoming elections..Thousands of industries have shut down, youth have lost their jobs... Over 100 innocents lost their lives in queues outside banks because of demonetisation which benefited only BJP President Amit Shah," Nirupam said.

Citing figures of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) he said that against the actual black money figures of around Rs 10,000 crore, Modi demonetised the entire currency worth more than Rs 15,00,000 crore at one shot, throwing the country into disarray.

"Even after two years, the common man continues to battle the aftermath of spiking the Rs 1,000-Rs 500 notes, the promised terrorism and Maoist attacks have not stopped and our soldiers continue to be sacrificed at the borders," Nirupam said.

Mumbai Mahila Congress President Ajanta Yadav reiterated that "no woman in India will ever forgive the BJP for the demonetisation which disrupted their lives and families badly" in the past two years.

Several prominent personalities including Raju Waghmare, Charan Singh Sapra, Ganesh Yadav, Ashok Jadhav, Chandrakant Handore and others joined the protest carrying banners and placards with slogans condemning demonetisation.



Source: IANS