Demonetising currency is surgical strike on corruption: Rajnath

Ballia (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Nov. 10 : Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has described the bold step of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demonetise Rs.

500 and 1000 currency notes as surgical strike on corruption and a move to stop fake currency being printed in Pakistan to promote terrorism in India.

Addressing a 'Parivartan Rally' in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, Singh said, "Yesterday was a historic day in the history of India.

Our Prime Minister openly announced that they are doing surgical strike on corruption so that nobody dares to do corruption.

I can understand that the people must be facing problems. But I would assure you that it will be beneficial." "I know about the country's economy. Some people might face some problem. But it will be only for few days. I can assure you that in coming time India would be economic superpower," he added. Rajnath further said that fake currency was being printed in Pakistan and was then sent to India to destroy its economy.

"Such was Pakistan's attempts...In India, fake currency was helping terrorists to grow. It further gives strength to terrorists and Pakistan. By scrapping Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, Narendra Modi ji has taken away that strength," Singh said. Singh also spoke about the U.S. presidential results, linking president-elect Donald Trump to Prime Minister Modi. "How did Trump fight his election? Trump said that if he becomes the president of the U.S., he would follow and work according to Narendra Modi's policies.

That Trump has won in America," Singh said, adding that after the Modi Government came to power at the Centre, India had increased its global standing and has become the fastest growing economy in the world.

Source: ANI