Dengue, malaria danger grips Bhopal

Bhopal, March 7 : Amid the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, the threat of dengue and malaria has started looming large in Bhopal.

This is the reason that check-up campaigns are being run in various areas in the state capital.

It has been reported that in various areas of the city, extra-sensitive areas, slum areas and other settlements, there is a possibility of increasing dengue larvae, malaria, and spread of coronavirus.

Hence, the campaign is being run at a broader level under which rapid tests and blood slide collection are being done.

District Malaria Officer Akhilesh Dubey said that a campaign is being run for the prevention of malaria by appointing teams in different areas.

Nearly 799 people have been tested so far for malaria in Bhopal through rapid tests.

Children are at the most risk of get infected by the malaria.

Therefore, the District Malaria Officer has suggested people to make children wear full sleeves clothes and use mosquito nets.

People can also smoulder neem leaves. If someone has fever at the home, get him tested at the nearest hospital at earliest.

A total of 29 teams have been constituted in the city to check dengue larvae. The teams have so far surveyed 1,015 houses out of which 20 have been found with larvae. Around 8,000 utensils have also been checked at various places and dengue larvae was found in 20 of them.

Dengue larvaes were destroyed by spraying Temephos.



Source: IANS