Devotees pray for peace at shrine of Baba Ganj Sahib

Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir) [India] Oct. 28 : Thousands of devotees on Wednesday thronged the shrine of Sufi Saint Baba Ganj Sahib here to pay their respect on his 81st Urs or death anniversary.

The shrine is located at Fatehpur Khas Village where the Urs is observed annually. Cutting across religious lines, devotees offered prayers at the shrine. "There is no issue between different communities here on this occasion. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians all pray for the peace and harmony in the country so that people can live amicably," said custodian of shrine Sai Abdul Rashid Gaddi Nasheen.

Devotees also offered holy shrouds and sweets at the shrine. "Thousands of people participated in the last prayer, seeking peace for the state and the country. They have also prayed for the welfare of the people," said cleric Mohd Farooq Alhajj. Sufism is a defining feature of Jammu and Kashmir's society. It was in 1400 AD that the wandering Sufis arrived in Kashmir. Sufism became the way of life for the majority of the people in the valley. A uniquely syncretic and tolerant culture evolved with Sufism and spiritual ingress. Sufism held and endured for centuries to such an extent that it constituted superstructure and sub-structure, values and belief systems of the people of Kashmir.

Source: ANI