Digital campaign #WeShallOvercome to inspire for cleaner, greener India

New Delhi, Aug 22 : A small idea can lead towards a substantial transformation and guide us towards a sustainable advancement.

Running on the same lines, Hawa badlo with its new campaign #WeShallOvercome focuses on bringing a mindset change, to get rid of any barrier for advancement.

70 years after independence, there is an urge among the citizens to attain freedom from not just from aristocracy but everything which hampers development in true sense.

This can be sensed from the substantial traction that the people's movement has been attaining in its short journey of eight few months.

We shall overcome' a video initiative by HawaBadlo campaign which is supported by GAIL is now trending nationally on social media platform Twitter and it has been a viral outbreak on Facebook too.

Massive support that the initiative has received confirms the sentiments of citizens appreciating and supporting the campaign.

With regard to air pollution, situation is alarming. A Boston-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) Report stated that there has been noticeable hike in deaths due to air pollution, and India will soon outpace China running on the same rate, as India drags its heels over environmental rules while opening more coal mines.

While China is proactively involved in controlling the emissions, the Indian capital still has coal-fired power station located in southern part.

So when HEI report says, "India has not taken as much action on air pollution," no one would come forward to disagree.

Thousands of people have already engaged with the drive we shall overcome and the reactions coming in from the netizens are quite touching.

The video initiative pushes us to be determined to control and gradually curb air pollution crisis in the country, awakening Gandhi within us and pledging to change the air around us for a better and healthier life.

The video stimulates the emotion of patriotism and the spirit of independence. It creatively showcases the emotions of a grandparent suffering from dementia, who have lost his memory and is seen worrying about the independence of his country and the future of his family under the rule of britishers.

On the video, Nipun Arora, Founder, Hawa Badlo quotes "Our objective with the launch of this video is to remind people of the true spirit of independence which our ancestors have fought for and how we are losing it again to air pollution in the current scenario.

#WeShallOvercome adds to our mission of spreading awareness amongst the citizens and doing our bits to rectify the same." "With a large number of viewership on the video, it gives us confidence that the people are being sensitized.

Air pollution has is being curbed. Digitally gaining so much appreciation and followership, it makes us nothing but happy that we are on the right path to achieve our goal to #ChangetheAir," he adds.

Source: ANI