Disney pulls down ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from Malaysian cinemas

Los Angeles [U.S.A.], Mar. 16 : Moviegoers in Malaysia may not be lucky enough to see Disney's upcoming 'Beauty and the Beast,' as the studio has decided to pull down the flick from Malaysian theatres.

The studio has made it clear that the movie would not be cut, but the release date would be moved to March 30, giving more time to the censor board to make a decision, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The censor board has to decide on whether or not it would allow the release of the movie without any cuts or changes.

Malaysia has strict laws against homosexuality. The country's Film Censorship Board allows for LGBT characters to be depicted onscreen as long as they show "repentance".

Recently, it was reported that Russia was considering a ban on 'Beauty and the Beast' over the gay moment, but the country's culture ministry said the film would be allowed to run, but audience members under the age of 16 wouldn't be admitted to screenings.

On a related note, Disney's live-action version of 'Beauty and the Beast' will hit the screens on March 17.

Source: ANI