Distraught Jayalalithaa devotees tonsure their heads on Marina Beach

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India] Dec. 7 : Followers and AIADMK party cadre are still in shock over the death of former Tamil Nadu chief minister J.

Jayalalithaa. Given her God-like stature, people are resorting to different things to express their grief and sorrow, which extends from prayers to performing all kinds of rituals to now tonsuring their heads in sorrow and respect to her memory.

"We have lost our dear mother, our Amma. As children remove their hair when their parents die, we have also done so on the demise of our Amma, Jayalalithaa," said one of the gatherers.

Some could not hold back their tears and looked absolutely lifeless. The entire scene was dismal and there was no doubt that Jayalalithaa resided in their hearts as someone whom they held dear to their heart.

Even the police personnel deployed on Marina Beach, were in tears and gloomy. After her passing, Tamil Nadu seems to have come to a standstill..

Source: ANI