Ditch red, opt for lavender settings at home for your Valentine

New Delhi, Feb 11 : This Valentines Day, play with strings of lights and flowers, place cosy rugs and replace the cliched hues of red, instead opt for lavender products, suggest experts.

Tania Rogers, Senior Designer at HomeLane.com and Sonam Gupta, Design Head of Tangerine, have listed ways to go about it:

* Red is a great colour, but there are other ways to ignite that loving feeling on Valentine's Day.

Why not step out of the box and pick a new colour scheme to celebrate this year's valentines. Look for a bouquet of flowers in lavender and soft yellow for your better half.

* The lighting in the room plays the trick.

Subtle glow in golden lights can be created using fairy lights or the eternally best candles, lamps and chandeliers.

Strategically placing a few strings of lights entwined with flowers can add a romantic and welcoming feel to any room.

* Rugs create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in any room.

* Add ambience with dimmers in a room which will allow you to alter the mood with a simple twist.

Dimmers also conserve energy and extend the life of your bulbs.

* The most important step is to first pick colours that go with the wall and the furniture hues, and purchase the finest furnishings like the bed sheet, cushions and pillow covers, rugs, curtains and all that is visible in one quick look.

This is a significant step because a balanced look brings elegance and comfort in the space. Just ensure that the most basic requirement of colour coordination in the room is at its best.

* The prints and the fabrics should align with one another and must be comfortable to use.

Certain combinations like black and red, black and purple, golden yellow and red, crimson pink and light grey always work.

* The love enhancing fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla, lavender and jasmine must certainly be used.

A delicate aroma can not only be therapeutic but also heightens the love quotient.

* Create a table setting or backdrop in emerald green and sapphire blue with a combination of neutral tones and crystals.



Source: IANS