Doctors rue border restrictions, say affects their morale

New Delhi, April 29 : The Resident Doctors Association of the Safdarjung Hospital here expressed its concern over instances where doctors were restricted from crossing the borders.

"Since the NCR borders have been sealed, even the doctors are not being allowed to cross it.

When we enquired about it, we got to know that it is being said that doctors are bringing infection to the NCR region.

Such comments and instances are causing a blow to the morale of the doctors working day and night," said Manish, President, Resident Doctors Association (RDA), Safdarjung Hospital.

"In order to keep the morale of the doctors and Healthcare workers high, the government and other authorities should make all possible efforts in order to provide proper transportation for them.

We hope that the government will look into it and would help the doctors who are working tirelessly since the pandemic has gripped the nation," said Ashu Meena, Vice President of the RDA.

On Tuesday, the RDA of the Safdarjung Hospital wrote to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital regarding the same issue.

"This is to bring to your kind notice that RDA has received several complaints from resident doctors who are residing in the NCR area.

They are finding it difficult to cross the interstate border while going home from work despite having hospital ID cards and passes issued by the hospital," the letter said.

The letter further said that many resident doctors have received verbal ultimatum from the on duty police officers at the border that the passes will not be valid and they will not allow entry into Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Many faculty, nurses and other healthcare workers of the hospital are also facing similar issues.

"This is creating a lot of trouble and discomfort for the hospital staff.

It is hence our kind request to look into the matter and solve the issue on the most urgent basis by communicating with the appropriate authority," the RDA said.



Source: IANS