Does ‘The Boss Baby’ remind you of Donald Trump?

Washington D.C. [USA], April 1 : Were you able to draw comparisons between the little blonde baby dressed in business suit in the recent animated comedy 'The Boss Baby' with US President Donald Trump? You're not alone.

Many people have drawn parallels between the protagonist of the film and President Trump after watching Fox-DreamWorks animated comedy.

In the film, the baby wears a suit and carries a briefcase and the voice over is given by actor Alec Baldwin - who has spent the past almost six months lampooning President Trump on the 'Saturday Night Live'.

The director of the film, Tom McGrath spoke to the 'Entertainment Weekly' about the 'timely' Trump analogies associated with his film.

Animator-turned-director McGrath is best known for directing the Madagascar films. "The Boss Baby" the talking baby in a business suit, is actually a secret agent. .

Source: ANI