Downpour disrupts life in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, July 21 : A heavy downpour on Saturday afternoon disrupted normal life in several areas of Chandigarh with roads inundated and traffic snarls occurring at several places.

Traffic was badly affected as water accumulated on most roads, especially in the northern and central sectors of the city.

At some places near the roundabouts, there was nearly two feet of water and motor vehicles, both cars and two-wheelers had difficulty in crossing these areas.

"It seemed that the authorities were unprepared for this downpour.

The roads had become rivers and traffic jams made things messier," said Ayush, a businessman, who was struck in one of the traffic snarls.

Since the Chandigarh Traffic Police was nowhere in sight at most places and traffic lights were not functioning at some places, chaos prevailed on the roads.

"We had to turn back on a road near the Dakshin Marg as there was a major traffic jam.

I could not reach my tuition," Adiraj, a student, pointed out.

The traffic chaos continued for a couple of hours even after the rain stopped.



Source: IANS