Drew Barrymore opens up on hero-worshipping Ralph Macchio

Los Angeles, March 5 : Talking movies with actor Ralph Macchio, actress Drew Barrymore was heard saying that although she grew up playing one of the leads of "Charlie's Angels", she was not attached to the franchise in the way he was with "The Karate Kid".

The two stars opened up on an upcoming episode of "The Drew Barrymore" show.

Macchio, who was seen in the popular eighties series "The Karate Kid", was recently seen in the sequel "Cobra Kai", where he reprised his role of Daniel LaRusso from the original trilogy.

"I don't remember a time in my life where I didn't love you and you're so important to me. It's a pleasure to grow up in this industry, not only alongside you but watching you and having you be someone who was so important to our generation and someone who belovedly tried to take up a franchise and modernise," Barrymore said.

Talking about his recent success with Cobra Kai that brings back ill-fated rivalries and characters from the original storyline, Macchio said: "Over the years, the story was pitched couple of times and how we could bring back Daniel LaRusso.

The series creators brought a smart angle into this show of seeing everything through the lens of William Zabka, who plays Johhny Lawrence and how can you flip the prism and perspective of a story that we all cherish and love."

Barrymore spoke about the fandom garnered playing lead roles in popular franchises.

"I grew up playing 'Charlie's Angel' but I wasn't attached to the movies like you were with The 'Karate Kid'.

You have an intimate connect with it and you know when something is tonally intelligent, inventive and in keeping with the initial plotline.

Cobra Kai is so crisp, so smart and so brilliant," she said.

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Source: IANS