Drew Barrymore to Priyanka Chopra: I’ve loved you at first sight

Mumbai, Feb 20 : Hollywood star Drew Barrymore says she loved Priyanka Chopra Jonas at first sight, adding that she loves the Indian actress's book Unfinished.

"I have loved you at first sight but I love your book.

There are all the details that you bring us in with you. The part where you and Nick are like full in love and it's just so romantic. You've lived such an extraordinary life. It's hard to pick which facet of your life I'd like to talk to you about," Drew said, when Priyanka was a guest on her talk show, "The Drew Barrymore Show".

She also talked about Priyanka's global fandom and her busy life: "With over 60 million followers on Instagram, biggest star in India, huge here in Hollywood and a really famous husband, how do people manage such lives?"

Priyanka said: "I hate 8am usually because I'm a night person and not a morning person and I have to start with a coffee.

The first button that I press is that of my expresso machine. I get up and do the next thing that everyone does, check Twitter, Instagram and news. Totally, I also do follow baby videos and doggy videos, and TikTok."

Priyanka also revealed her lack of kitchen skills.

"For dinner, Nick and I don't cook, but we love to eat. Fortunately, a lot of people in my family love to cook. My mom has been doing some great cooking during the quarantine," she revealed.

Drew spoke to Priyanka on finding balance in her thirties, and her husband being her biggest cheerleader.

"I love how you speak about your mom and your aunties and your grandmother and how they exhibited a wonderful sense of independence and how it made you think about how you are as a woman at work and in relationships," Drew said.

In the end, Barrymore talked about Priyanka's biggest role model and motivator being her father and her fairytale romance with Nick.

Priyanka replied: "Nick is an extremely secure self-assured man and that was the most attractive thing about him and that's not really common with most men.

He's my biggest cheerleader and biggest champion and my father was like that."

The Bollywood star said that her father was her "loudest cheerleader".

"And now I'm married to one so it's really wonderful to have a partnership where we both are each other's champions but also at the same time we know what the other person needs to fly and that's just beautiful," she said on the show, which airs in India on Zee Cafe.



Source: IANS