Droom rolls out mega media campaign for Orange Book Value with Rs. 25 crore

New Delhi [India], Oct 27 : Anyone who has ever sold a vehicle, or bought a pre-owned one, knows the hassles related to the most important aspect of the deal - the pricing.

This gap is what makes Droom's Orange Book Value, an algorithmic pricing engine, such a disruptive phenomenon in the automotive resale space.

To firmly establish OBV's game-changing stance as an industry benchmark in the realm of automobile buying and selling, Droom has rolled out its mega marketing campaign titled 'Resale Ka MRP'.

With a massive budget of Rs. 25 crore, Droom is betting big on the dedicated 360-degree integrated media blitz to enhance consumer salience about OBV and how it can completely alter the dynamics of the industry.

The idea behind the logo is that through our communications, we are passing a message that the price of used vehicle should be same for seller and buyer, reducing the negotiations between them and OBV provides that required pricing standard.

The two dots in the middle of O in OBV signifies eyes and the two upper and lower halves of O signify the smiles of buyer and seller respectively.

We have associated with orange color since start and we have maintained the same in the new logo for the energy and warmth it signifies.

We have added blue color which signifies trust, peace, intelligence and loyalty to provide appeal to both sellers and buyers.

The fonts and typeface has been chosen to be viewer friendly as well emit authority of being the used product pricing standard.

"With the demand of pre-owned vehicles in the country outstripping that of new vehicles, there was a pressing need for an objective pricing mechanism.

Through its data science-based approach, Orange Book Value gives a fair market value of a used vehicle under 10 seconds," said Founder and CEO Droom, Sandeep Aggarwal.

"We are confident of the game-changing potential of OBV and have therefore decided to support it with a dedicated media blitz that will enable more and more consumers and auto dealers to leverage the 21st century tech and data science pricing tool," added Aggarwal.

Droom's latest marketing initiative kicks off with the launch of an OBV Diwali video, which revolves around a Diwali-time discussion between friends about the value of a pre-owned car, as well as two animated 'how-to' videos about OBV.

With the campaign already maintaining a sustained presence through social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, Droom will be following it up with a 360-degree campaign comprising TVCs, radio and outdoor media, and digital media.

Source: ANI