Easy ways to fix post-workout soreness

New Delhi, June 11 : Soreness after an intense workout is part of the package. It cannot be completely overcome. However, it can be managed efficiently with proper care. Eat cherries, take out some time to relax after workout and try to sleep, suggest experts.

Badal Upreti, Personal Trainer, Anytime Fitness, has shared how to overcome post-workout soreness:

* Cherries help in increasing oxygen flow in your muscles reducing muscle inflammation, minimizing post-workout pain and boosting recovery.

* Immediately after a workout, usually people start with their daily routine like going to the office.

You must have time to relax. It provides time for your body to use nutrients to rebuild and repair your muscles.

* After workout, a nap of around one or two hours is necessary as it helps the body enter deep and restorative stage of sleep, also helps your body to repair.

* Drinking protein shakes or eating bars is good but it is crucial to take enough amount of protein when it comes to easing muscle soreness.

One should include any one of the foods in your diet such as peanuts, almonds, yoghurt and bananas.

* A shower after workout helps to decrease the inflammation of muscles, joints and tendons and also prevents various muscle injuries.

* During heavy workout at gym, intake of water needs to be maintained.

Your muscle cells need water, so when it comes to recovery, dehydration is one of your biggest enemies.

Try to ensure intake of water for each hour of exercise. Within a few hours after a workout, your urine should be light yellow or clear. If it is dark yellow, then you are inadequately hydrated.

Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, also has some tricks:

* Most people tend to skip the warm up session before intense workout without realizing how much they are risking.

By warming up before the workout routine you prepare your muscles for the heavy-lifting and reduce chances of muscle soreness or damage.

Similarly, light workout and stretches after the workout will benefit you.

* Exercising with sore muscles may seem counterproductive but doing so loosens your tight muscles and may flush out the lactic acid that's causing you soreness.

It doesn't have to be intense, a short jog will do.

* After the workout, you can ask your trainer or friend for a good twenty minute massage to loosen your muscles and get your body fluids flowing.

You can also do it yourself with a massage stick or a foam roller. You can also apply ice pack for 10 minutes or so to sore spots to reduce the inflammation in your muscles and speed up the healing process.



Source: IANS