Ebook on maternal mental health released

New Delhi, June 13 : In a bid to create awareness among medical professionals and new parents, not-for-profit organisation White Swan Foundation on Wednesday released an ebook on maternal mental health.

The ebook would help expectant and new mothers have a better idea of what to expect emotionally during pregnancy, and when to seek help.

It also includes a list of issues the women needs to be aware of, and discuss with their obstetrician.

"Our ebook is a small step towards commitment to create and disseminate knowledge around maternal mental health to the people.

We hope that thousands of families of young mothers will benefit from the ebook," White Swan Foundation CEO Manoj Chandran said in a statement.

Mental health issues during pregnancy and post delivery are most often ignored - both by mothers/their families and professionals.

According to the World Health Organization, 15.6 per cent of pregnant women in developing countries experience a mental health disorder, depression being the most common.

In India, it is estimated that one in five new mothers are estimated to have postpartum depression.

Mental health issues during or after pregnancy can negatively affect the child's growth and development.

With effective interventions, the condition is treatable, the WHO said.

The ebook can be downloaded for free from the organisation's website, the statement said.



Source: IANS