EEPC India taking steps to guard exporters against cyber crime

Kolkata, Oct 4 : Amid reports of cyber hacks targeting cross-border online remittances, Engineering Export Promotion Council of India (EEPC India) on Thursday said it has started sensitising and training exporters to safeguard their money transfers, in close cooperation with cyber experts from police and forensic institutions.

The engineering exporters' apex body organised a workshop and conference in the city on Thursday bringing face to face the cyber and forensic science experts and exporters.

"We do receive cases where exporters' accounts are hacked or we get complaints from exporters for non-receipt of remittances for cross border transactions," Council's Chairman Ravi Sehgal said.

He also said that India was ranked third worldwide, next to US and China, as a source of malicious activity in 2015.

According to the Council, cyber crime cases across India rose 44 per cent between 2013 and 2017.

Online banking fraud has been the most common cyber crime across India in 2017, with 2,095 such cases reported, underscoring the need for stronger digital policy even as the government makes a push for going cashless, it said.

The Reserve Bank of India has registered a total of 12,520 cases of frauds involving credit cards during the quarter April-September 2017, the Council said in a statement.

While several steps have been taken by the Centre and the states to check cyber crime, greater and constant vigil needs to be kept on this threat, which can have serious consequences for the economy, Sehgal said.



Source: IANS