Eid celebrated with fervour across Tripura

Agartala (Tripura) [India], Sept. 13 : Thousands of Muslims all across Tripura gathered at the central mosque Gedu Mia Masjid in capital Agartala to offer morning prayers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha.

The Eid prayers started around 8.30 a.m. when Imam of the mosque Maulana Abdul Rehaman read out the prayer. Eid-ul-Zuha is one of the most celebrated Muslim festivals all over the world. Muslims hugged and exchanged greetings of peace and love to spread in the society irrespective of religion.

It is the festival of sacrifice celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son to keep his word to God.

"Islam gives the message of sacrifice and this celebration of Eid basically for sacrifice of the loved ones.

On this occasion those who have money are suppose to slaughter an animal and distribute to the poor people.

It spreads the message of love, how you can sacrifice the dear ones and continue with life," said Akhil Ahamed, who came along with his son to participate in the Namaz.

Meantime, Md. Sheikh Aktar a resident of far Jammu and Kashmir who is celebrating his Eid away from home said, "Since I have happily taken part in the Namaz (prayer) and as I am posted here so celebrating Eid away from home in Tripura where the atmosphere is very peaceful." He appealed to the youths of his state, where violence is continuing for sometime to maintain, peace and which is the message of Islam.

"I will ask the youths to maintain peace and prosperity in your state and nation so that due to us others are not disturbed and faces trouble," said Aktar.

Baharul Islam Majumder, a participant in the prayer said, "If you go by the Islamic philosophy it is a religion of sacrifice.

On the basis of that philosophy today is the day of Kurbani, so we are commemorating the sacrifice give by our Prophet and also following that practice.

In the same way we will appeal to all human kind especially the Muslim brothers so that we can keep the values Islam religion true to the spirit and philosophy.

Whatever happening throughout the world is not Islamic rather opposite to Islamic philosophy." Muslims across the world celebrate this historical event with great enthusiasm and respect.

Each Muslim family which is capable of sacrificing any animal prescribed in the Holy Koran sacrifices an animal and distribute the meat to the poor and downtrodden people and relatives and also give donations to various institutions those run orphanages and elderly homes.

Goats are sacrificed on this holy day, also known as Bakri-eid, and divided into three parts to be shared among the poor, family and friends and themselves.

Source: ANI