Eight SIMI terrorists escape from Bhopal Central Jail

Bhopal [India], Oct. 31 : Eight terrorists of the banned group Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) have escaped from Bhopal Central Jail.

They also killed a guard of the jail during the incident. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh has confirmed the incident. It is reported that the terrorists escaped at around 2 a.m. using bed-sheets as rope. "The incident happened around 2 a.m. The terrorists used blankets and bed-sheets. They overpowered the two officers in charge and then opened the locks," Arvind Saxena, Superintendent of Police (SP) told ANI.

"We have launched an extensive search operation in the nearby areas as well the entire state," he added.

For their escape, the prisoners chose Diwali night, when people across the country celebrate by bursting crackers.

An extensive search operation has been launched in Bhopal and other places..

Source: ANI