Eli India partners with Vistage to launch two ‘Vistage Inside’ Peer Groups

New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI-NewsVoir): In an endeavor to enhance leadership development, Eli India - part of Eli Global, a diversified information and financial services group, has partnered with Vistage to start 2 "Vistage Inside" peer groups.

Around 35 India based key executives managing Eli's global businesses are part of the "Vistage Inside" peer groups chaired by David Belden from Vistage.

Being world's leading peer advisory membership organization, Vistage has pioneered peer advisory group concept where CEOs from same industry or from other industries can discuss their challenges, strategies, and get inputs from their peers.

Eli started one group last year and added another group recently. The group meets every other month along with master chair and key speaker. For the first group, that recently completed its 1st year, a total of 7 sessions were held, 3 in the U.S.

(Las Vegas, New Orleans and Chicago) and four at Taj Surajkund in India. The Master Chair David Beldon travelled to India along with different outside speakers who facilitated workshops on different business topics (like Blue Ocean Strategy, Goal Setting, Emotional Intelligence etc.) and inspired the team with new ideas, strategies and solutions.

Another Vistage Eli India Insider group has been started for the next-level leaders who are being developed to take up BU leadership as CEOs.

They have identified a group of 15 such leaders who in a years' time will meet seven to eight times with David Beldon, their group Chair and prepare themselves to take the BU leadership positions and lead global businesses.

The first meeting of this group was held on Nov. 16 in India. Ajay Gupta, Country Director and President Eli India says, "The Vistage Inside program helped our India based Eli CEOs connect with each other, since Eli is a conglomerate of 50 business units and since we have grown so rapidly, it was difficult to connect and understand each other's businesses, unique challenges etc.

Eight full-day sessions moderated by David Beldon, the Vistage Chair aligned our BU leaders on issues and opportunities, empowered them with a common language and shared goals, inspired collaboration and broke down silos as business unit level.

For an example, we have seven companies in healthcare and the Vistage inside Program brought a lot of synergy among these BUs." David Beldon, the Vistage Chair and who calls himself a "professional outsider" says, "Eli India leaders are doing a wonderful job in managing Eli's global businesses.

They just needed an outsider like me to bring some methods into their maddening growth stories. In addition to day-long peer group sessions, I provided one-on-one coaching to Eli India leaders. This personal approach ensures that executive participants stay focused on results, and allows for reinforcement of the experiences and lessons learned in group sessions and speaker workshops.

Participants quickly recognize their commitment to them and their personal development." (ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI