Enrich your talent pool with Aasaanjob’s ‘Lead selling plan’

New Delhi [India], Feb 8 : India's leading online recruitment marketplace AasaanJobs has announced the launch of its 'Lead selling plan' for its partners.

Adding to the bouquet of its services, while enriching its partner's talent pool, this service by AasaanJobs is gold for its associate partners.

The plan gives them access to active database of candidates looking for jobs in the market. The data could be utilized by partners to fill in various vacant positions in their organization. "While filtering bio data, saves companies a lot of time and effort, we realized that a lot of good resumes and candidates were being overlooked, because of companies being too specific in their requirements.

Our 'Lead selling plan' gives our partners, access to the treasure trove of data of such candidates that can be requested on the basis of candidate location and job roles.

The USP of this plan is that the data can be utilized to fill any number of vacant position at one go," said VP Marketing AasaanJobs, Siddharth Gupta.

Adding to the insights of the plan, the partners can choose from Aasaanjob's database of candidates and send request for the same from the platform, and a representative from AasaanJobs will reach out to them.

The plan is being launched with a dual purpose that not only caters to its partners, by expanding their talent pool, but also intends to improve job opportunities for candidates registered with AasaanJobs.

The concept was spurred by the objective of making better use of its already existing candidate's data, which has been active in the job market and present them with better job options.

Source: ANI