Eric Stonestreet gets caught out by yet another Ellen DeGeneres prank

New Delhi [India], Apr. 5 : The 'Modern Family's clown Fizbo was recently taken by surprise by a hidden clown as Ellen DeGeneres pulled a prank on Eric Stonestreet.

The 45-year-old actor, who has a history of being pranked by DeGeneres, was again a victim of a backstage wind-up by the comic.

"I promised him I wouldn't scare him again because we scare him every single time," DeGeneres told her audience.

The 59-year-old comedian went on: "Today I was backstage playing ping-pong so that he would think that there's no way anything can happen.

I'm playing ping-pong, and we had a clown hidden in a box in his room." As the 'Secret Life of Pets' actor got ready for the show in his dressing room, a man dressed as a scary clown popped out of a box next to the actor's couch and screamed.

"Motherf--ker!" a terrified Stonestreet yelled as the clown ran out of the room, after which a laughing DeGeneres said: "We got you again!".

Source: ANI