Everything traditional is the new contemporary

New Delhi, Jan 9 : Most modern brides these days are opting for a traditional look for their wedding day rather than a contemporary one but if you want to give a modern makeover to your traditional designs, try out some evergreen pieces.

Shreedevi Deshpande Puri, Head of Design at Ganjam, lists down some trends:

* Golden Heritage: The traditional south Indian 'Kundalavellai' style of jewellery is being revisited by brides.

Beautifully crafted in closed set 22 carat gold, these pieces showcase the beauty of rubies with accents of emeralds.

Few Jewellery houses take pride in continuing this tradition which is becoming very rare.

Brides are looking to wear traditional pieces which could be family heirlooms or new pieces crafted keeping the integrity of the design and the craft.

Unusual pieces like the Talai saman (set of head ornaments), The Vanki (arm band) and the Odiyanam (waist belt) are coveted.

* Wearing a legacy: Going back to the roots, this style of south Indian closed set diamond jewellery is seeing a growing popularity among young brides, especially for the wedding ceremony.

A new take on this would be inspiration-based collections which is a break-away from the limited designs.

Tarang Arora, Creative Director and CEO of Amrapali Jewels, speaks about his favourite.

Whether it's the Indian bridal Nath that has been passed on by generations of brides or the Maangtikka or Mathapatti that are now in every bride's trousseau, no Indian wedding can be complete without these traditional elements.



Source: IANS