Excess of spinach? Sandwich triggers debate

New Delhi, Dec 16 : Can you believe a sandwich can trigger a debate on the social media platform? The amount of the vegetable, especially spinach in a sandwich, has divided twitter users.

A writer-producer Josh Gondelman on Twitter posted the picture of sandwich and captioned, "I don't know what message she's trying to send, but the lady at my bodega snuck an entire salad into my turkey sandwich."

The post got 6.8K retweets and 92.9K likes.

As soon as the post went viral on social media platforms, it has triggered a debate in the comments section of Josh's post about the right amount of greens one should have.

A twitterati on micro-blogging site wrote, "Unpopular opinion: That looks good as hell."

"She just wants to make sure you're getting in your leafy greens.

How sweet of her", said another.

One user wrote, "I see no problem with this. Looks delicious."

A tweeple remarked, "I'm with you. I would eat the hell out of this."

A post read, " Unless you were wearing a ninja turtle costume, I have no idea why anyone would do this."



Source: IANS