Expelled BJP leader Dayashankar’s wife accuses Mayawati’s supporters of ‘traumatising’ their daughter

Lucknow, July 22 : Lamenting over the abuse she and her daughter have been facing following the expulsion of her husband Dayashankar Singh from the Bharatiya Janata Party over his controversial comment on BSP supremo Mayawati, the disgraced former UP BJP chief's wife Swati Singh has accused BSP members of 'traumatizing' her minor daughter. "Look, the law is doing whatever it has to in regard with my husband's comment. But can four punishments be doled out because of one sin? He had been removed from his post, an FIR has been filed against him, he is facing several other charges and he has been removed from the party. After doing all this, Mayawati is still not satisfied. If she had her way, she would have my husband's head," Swati told ANI here. Asserting that till date she was hearing cruel comments regarding her husband's fate by BSP members in broad daylight, she added that she and her daughter were not being spared as well and had been dragged into the politics. "Shouldn't Mayawati take action on her people for saying such things for my daughter? Rules that applied to my husband apply to BSP members as well," Swati said. Stating that her daughter was currently in a state of trauma ever since her father's controversy erupted, the disgraced former BJP leader's wife said that her 12-year-old child had not point blankly refused to go to school or even leave home for that matter. "My daughter is in trauma. Even in school, the other kids pointed out to her the controversy. She is so disturbed that she is not leaving the house. They have dragged my daughter into politics. Why is it that those who are walking around offering 50 lakh rupees as reward for my husband's tongue not being condemned? Where are the women activists now?," Swati said. She put the question to Mayawati is she would take responsibility if something happened to her or her daughter. The BJP expelled Dayashankar from the party for six years after he called Mayawati a 'prostitute'. However, an un-sated BSP took to the streets in anger protesting against Dayashankar demanding his arrest. Earlier, Mayawati had warned that if concrete action was not taken against him for his statement, she would not be responsible for the action of her party members. Mayawati stressed that Singh's expulsion by the BJP was not enough and asserted that she had been assured of his arrest within 36 hours, which is why her party agreed to call off its protests.