Expert lauds the passing of Mental Healthcare Bill in LS

New Delhi [India], Mar. 29 : Expressing her delight over the passing of Mental Healthcare bill in the Lok Sabha, a therapist thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the elected representatives for taking an initiative for people who are struggling with mental issue.

While talking to ANI, Shipra Dawar, founder and CEO, ePsyclinic - a mental health entrepreneur said, "I feel proud today that mental health bill has been passed in Lok Sabha.

It's truly a landmark event and we welcome the change of the government "The unneeded stigma and shame that a person who is struggling with a mental health issue faces will now be more comfortable while reaching out to mental health service providers.

Neither, they will be looked down upon nor will feel uneasy while sharing his problems. This bill will give assurance that no one would be judging them," he added. Expressing the grief about these people, Dawar said, affordability of mental health interventions through insurance will also make help-seeking easier.

"I am glad that I am a serving in this field and especially during the times when things are moving swiftly and people are becoming more open to mental health issues.

My sincere thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our elected representatives who took an initiative in the field," he explained.

The bill gives legal rights to individuals to seek treatment for mental illness. Moreover, it decriminalises suicide attempts and identifies the caretakers. It also curtails and punishes inhuman treatment or imprisonment to a person with persistent mental illness.

Source: ANI