Eyeing ‘better Punjab’, NRIs bat for Congress

Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], Jan. 30 : With Punjab witnessing high-voltage drama ahead of the assembly elections, the people have started voicing their support in favour of the Congress, saying the grand old party will heal the pain inflicted by the present government and establish a state which the voters always dreamt of.

The Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), topping the chart, are heavily campaigning for their favourite parties, with majority of them extending their support to the Congress.

When asked an NRI about especially coming to India and campaigning in the elections, he categorically stated that looking at the condition of Punjab it has become essential for Captain Amarinder Singh to take over for a better Punjab.

"The condition here is worse. Now, we feel that Captain Amarinder Singh should take over as the Chief Minister of Punjab...He can do better for Punjab.

That's why we all are here," one of the NRIs told ANI. Voicing displeasure over the present Shiromani Akali Dal-led government ruining the business prospects of the people, a local opined that everything happens on the basis of reference under the ruling regime.

"Last time we voted for Akali Dal, but nothing good happened. I first had my own business, but now I am working," said the local. "Yes, the government is to be held responsible. There is inflation. There is no employment. Akali Dal does not address our problems and nothing can be done without reference here. But in the Congress, every MLA acknowledges our worries and solves them," he added. Expressing displeasure over demonetisation, the local said the drive did not affect the rich but only middle-class people like him.

"The rich have been able to overcome the consequences, but middle-class people like us have suffered the most.

We have faced heavily in our business. I have a chemist shop, but due to demonetisation I have been unable to carry on with the business," he said.

Another NRI expressed disappointment over the present government failing to stand up to their expectations, adding they have now decided to support its substitute i.e.

the Congress. "They supported the present government (Akali Dal) in power, but since they have not lived up to the expectations of the NRIs so they started supporting the alternative, the Congress party.

They have come back here to get the Congress re-elected and help Punjab become what it was earlier," he said.

Punjab goes to polls on February 4..

Source: ANI