Facebook love led US woman to marry lover with Hindu rituals

Bundi, (Rajasthan) [India] Feb. 7 : Love has no boundaries, and this woman from America just proved it right. Facebook love took a step and encouraged Jessica Jonnes tie the knot with Ankit Gupta in proper Hindu rituals and traditions on Monday in Rajasthan's Bundi district.

Ankit, who is a resident of Bundi and works in Washington, met Jessica on Facebook and what started as a friendship transformed into wedlock.

Jessica, who also lives in Washington, was fond of India and Indian tradition. "It's amazing being here. India is a beautiful country. The people are so kind and I am really happy to be here to have my wedding in India. They have a really important culture, heritage and history here. I am really happy to have married the love of my life," Jessica told ANI. Initially, Ankit's relatives were not approving of this marriage but later they agreed. All they wanted the ceremony to take place as per Hindu rituals. "The Hindu religion is a very old religion and it's very beautiful. I am having a very enlightening time. Everybody has been very friendly," Jessica's father said. Ankit after completing his engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) left for America. Both Jessica and Amit were working with the same organisation and gradually their friendship bloomed through Facebook.

Source: ANI