‘Fair to Assume’ Russia is supporting Taliban in Afghanistan: U.S. General

New York [USA], Mar. 30 : A top U.S. general has said it's "fair to assume" that Russia is providing support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to a report by Fox News Insider, four-star Gen. Joseph Votel, CENTCOM Commander, told the Congress on Wednesday, "I think it is fair to assume they may be providing some sort of support to [the Taliban], in terms of weapons or other things that may be there.

I believe what Russia is ... attempting to be an influential party in this part of the world." His comments to the House Armed Services Committee came after the top U.S.

general in Europe expressed similar sentiments last week. The allegations are being denied by Russia. Earlier this month, refuting allegations that Kremlin supports the Taliban movement, Russia has said that such accusations are a staged campaign to discredit the country.

It said that it only has 'limited contacts' with the Taliban which is aimed at ensuring safety of Russian citizens in Afghanistan and encouraging the Taliban to join the national reconciliation process.

Source: ANI