Fawad Khan’s statement on Pak artistes ban garners mixed reactions

New Delhi [India], Oct. 8 : Hours after Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan made a statement on the controversial issue of Pakistani artistes ban in India, some fans have expressed their disappointment over his 'diplomacy' while some continue to show their devotion to the actor.

The 34-year-old actor took to social media to issue an official statement regarding the Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association or IMPPA's decision to temporarily ban Pakistani artistes working in Indian cinema in the wake of the killing of 19 Indian soldiers during the Uri terror attack.

The statement on his Facebook post read, "I've been in Lahore since July as my wife and I had been expecting our second child.

I've received numerous requests from the media and from well wishers worldwide asking me for my thoughts on the sad incidents that took place in the past few weeks.

As a father of two little children, I pray and wish like many others that together we can build and live in a more peaceful world.

I believe we owe it to our children who will shape our tomorrow. This is the first time I have spoken on the matter. Please disregard any other words attributed to me during this time because I have not said them. I thank all my fans and fellow artists from Pakistan, India and people in general all over the world who have shown continued support for their belief in love and understanding to unite a divisive world." Moments after his post, reactions came flooding in as one follower commented in the thread saying, "Lol What a balance.your statement is even more Diplomatic than diplomats you are playing very well on the edge for your future and that's good for you but sometimes you have to show your feelings and emotions as Patriot for your country....!!!" Some of the other disappointed statements included "This is called elegant diplomacy.

:) He can't make both Indians and pakistanis happy at the same time" and "Stop acting innocent! People in India loved you always, supported you even when half the population stood against you,and what you did? You betrayed them by acting innocent in India and just when you reached the pakistani border your statements changed." Meanwhile, others express their continued support to the actor, who recently became a father of two.

"I love ur act...no matter wht gossips come out in media...u r a good actor...i 'll b a fan of urs as always...i m an indian...Also being pakistani does not mean that you are a terrorist," one fan wrote.

"Oh my god guys when everyone is fighting if someone doesn't want to do the same thing and saying thing beautifully.

Why we are accusing him," another defended the 'Kapoor and Sons' actor. "The whole period shortly before expecting a child is highly nerve-wracking for fathers. One's whole concentration is focused on just that. One is busy focusing on whether the pregnancy is going OK and has to support the mother." Amidst fans from both sides of the border continuing to wage the virtual war and all other things considered, the sunny side is that the IMPPA has reportedly allowed Fawad Khan starrer 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' to release nationwide.

Source: ANI